NHS Confederation

NHS Confederation. Always beware of prefixes, as this lot has nothing to do with supporting, defending or otherwise advancing the aims of a public health service. In fact it’s just another entry point for capital, as if any more were needed, only this time at the organisational level and for the trust managerial class. Through all manner of conferences, publications and the like, the Confederation acts as to disseminate the corporate take on integrated care, leadership, chain formation, etc, and indeed the organisation also has its very own fifth columnists, the NHS Partners Network, whose roster is a who’s who of private providers, consultancies and assorted pharma companies.  The NHSPN was highly influential in the passage of the Health Bill, most notably during the Future Forum ‘pause’, and since then has a guaranteed spot on parliamentary committees and media pages. It’s new chair is Jim Easton, now a byword for opportunism as he shifted seamlessly from a top Departmental post to Care UK and a raft of provider contracts for the company. It should be noted that while the Confederation takes care of business as mentioned for all manner of trusts, the NHS Alliance performs a similar function in primary care, and NHS Clinical Commissioners for, yes, commissioning.

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